Many babies, but not all, will lose weight in the first few days after being born and while normal, this can be alarming to a new parent. Because a newborn baby's stomach is also only the size of a cherry and baby seems to nurse all the time -which is very normal!- parents may wonder if baby is actually taking in enough milk at each feed.

One way to check that an infant is getting plenty of milk is by keeping track of the number of wet diapers, and diapers with bowel movements. This chart can help:

Typical urine and bowel movements in baby's first week

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Regular visits to the child's primary care provider will also provide the best information on baby's growth and development. In the early days home from the hospital, check ups should happen at three to five days after birth and then again at two to three weeks of age. As always mothers and fathers should also listen to their instincts and if there's worry of any problems, contact a doctor immediately. Also, when hiring care for your baby be sure the nanny understands proper care as well.