Hospital Bag Checklist by Let Mommy Sleep on Amazon

You've got everything you need to bring home baby but if you're giving birth in a hospital or birthing center there are a few items you may want to bring just for yourself and your partner:

Extra Long Phone Chargers: You and your partner will be fielding LOTS of phone calls and taking millions of photos...don't forget that extra long phone charger so the phone will always be within arms reach and you won't have to get in and out of bed to be sure your device is charged.

Your Postpartum Outfit: Loose clothing that won't rub against your tender mid-section and has a bit of give while your body is in the postpartum phase is a must. For this reason, plenty of new moms choose to keep their maternity clothes for a while. If you're breastfeeding, your new go-to clothing options are those that make nursing easy. Nursing tanks and loose shirts are perfect and this nursing dress is easy to pack, functional and -if you're into being stylish- also pretty cute.

Non-Skid Slippers: Just like our team does in the family home, be sure to have non-slip footware for walking on those slippery hospital floors. This is for your safety and the safety of your precious newborn when being held.

Car Seat: A car seat won't be in your bag of course but you won't be able to leave the hospital without a properly installed, height/weight and age appropriate car seat. If baby is born at 37 weeks or before, s/he will have the pass the "Infant Car Seat Challenge" before leaving. Because pre-term babies' airways can become constricted, hospital staff will perform the Challenge where baby is secured into a car seat, which is reclined to the appropriate angle for travel, and nurses will monitor the respiration and oxygen levels of the baby for 90 to 120 minutes. Babies who pass the test are cleared to leave the hospital.

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