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Postpartum Products for New Moms and Dads

Expecting parents often spend months preparing for the arrival of their newborn, having diapers, baby gear and adorable baby clothes all ready in the nursery. It can be easy for parents to forget about themselves though! Below are a few of our favorite items to help make the postpartum weeks a...


Self Care: A Plan for Parents and Caregivers

Christina M. Schultz, MA, Resident in Counseling of New Directions Counseling Group has seen many women experience, “caregiver burnout” or complete fatigue, exhaustion, depression, resentment, loss of identity, and sense of low self-worth. To help those who may be at risk of experiencing this...


Hiring Newborn Care Providers and Postpartum Doulas: Questions to Ask

Hiring a Night Nanny, Postpartum Doula or Newborn Caregiver? Phone references, background checks and your gut feeling are always important in the interview process but because newborns and their parents have unique needs, here are 4 more questions parents might find helpful to ask: Do you...


Top 5 Apps to Help with Newborn Care

Amazon Prime - Everyone’s heard of Amazon of course, but we can't make this list without including the App that offers 2 hour delivery and discounts just for expecting parents. For parents of newborns -especially twins and triplets- grocery and gear delivery services mean that baby's exposure...


The Baby Gear New Parents Really Need

After the must-have items of car seats, strollers and diapers, expectant parents get a LOT of advice on what baby items they should have on hand. Nurses and newborn caregivers share their thoughts on the infant gear families really need for the first 6 months: Bassinet or Co-Sleeper: The...


Welcome to Newborn & Postpartum Care Training

Welcome to the Newborn & Postpartum Care online training! These classes are written and continually updated by the Registered Nurses of Let Mommy Sleep and include the same information we teach expecting parents and nannies in-person. The training is evidence-based and follows the guidelines...