Night nurses, doulas and newborn care providers are a little different than daytime nannies since we concentrate on caring for families in the postpartum phase, often overnight.

Night Nurse and Newborn Care Bag

The Let Mommy Sleep team made a list of items that you may find helpful to have in your overnight care bag. The full list of recommended items is on Amazon but some of our highlights are:

  • Travel First Aide Kit: You never know if you'll need a band-aid or Neosporin for yourself! Caregivers should always have a nasal aspirator handy in the home but it never hurts to have one of your own just in case. Always be prepared with the travel safety kit.
  • Extra-Long Chargers: Your phone should always be charged and within arms reach in case of emergencies. Caring for newborns also means being on call to parents at any moment while on duty or checking and entering feeding and sleep info into online tracking Apps. For these reasons an extra long phone/device charger is a must-have.
  • Non-Skid Slippers or Socks: Minimize the risks of slipping and falling for yourself and the baby you are holding by purchasing a cozy and safe pair of indoor footwear!

To see the full list, please visit our verified shop on Amazon, and if there's anything you would like to see included let us know on Twitter or Facebook!